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Case Study

Clean Room Steel Partitioning

WRG received an enquiry from one of our distributors for a company who are looking to introduce a “clean” assembly and packaging area in their manufacturing facility.

Clean Room Steel Partitioning
Clean Room Steel Partitioning

How we helped.

Cleanrooms are used in practically every industry where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing process, including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and sciences.

The client felt that an appropriate Clean Room was needed to control the working environment which necessitated the restriction of pollutants such as dust, chemical vapours and other airborne substances.

WRG attended site and completed a survey of the area. We then worked closely with the client and the distributor, creating a design that incorporated all the requirements to meet the clients very specific specifications.

The WRG Cleanroom Partitioning range is an integrated double skin partition system with a smooth internal and external finish having a single line joint and which is easy to construct once on site. In keeping with the Clean Room specification, we used special flush glazing to reduce the number of ledges.

As well as the main Clean Room, the client required a changing room with access into the main area via a single door. The enclosure also had to incorporate a loading/unloading area, which was to be accessed through hospital style doors.

The Cleanroom also contains all the standard features including flush double glazed units, pre made junctions, smooth flush single line joints and an integrated ceiling solution.

Clean Room Steel Partitioning
Clean Room Steel Partitioning
Clean Room Steel Partitioning
Clean Room Steel Partitioning

Through our network of UK wide distributors, WRG are able to visit any site to undertake a survey from which we are able to recommend the most suitable solution for your requirements.

All products are manufactured in the UK, and as well as double skin partitioning, we also offer single skin partitioning, mezzguard, anti collapse mesh, mesh shelves and barrier systems.

If we can assist you with your next clean room project, please contact us on:

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Clean Room Steel Partitioning

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We will take the time to understand your project requirement and recommend you the optimum solution for your client. 

We do also offer site support visits and surveys, acting as one of your team. 

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